Status of immediate use
U = in use
R(I) = available for immediate use but reserved for the next hour
I = facility for immediate use available for lining up at the venue
number inside () = remaining minutes
2024-07-22 18:08:15

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Olympic Sports Centre (Table Tennis Room)  Table Tennis  1I   2I   3I   4I   5I  

Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion (Table Tennis Room)  Table Tennis  1I   2U(51)   3U(51)  

Bowling Centre-Table Tennis Zone   Table Tennis  1I   2I   3U(4)   4U(57)   5I   6I   7U(10)   8I
AI   BI   CI   DI   EI  

Olympic Sports Centre-Multi-Purpose Zone  Table Tennis  1I   2I   3I   4I   5I   6I   7I   8I
9I   10I   11I   12I  

Lin Fong Sports Centre-Indoor Swimming Pool  Table Tennis  1U(34)   2U(38)   3U(20)   4U(47)   5U(4)   6U(47)  

Tamagnini Barbosa Sports Centre  Table Tennis  1U(55)   2I  

Lin Fong Sports Centre-Sports Ground  Table Tennis  1U(3)   2U(56)   3U(22)  

Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion-Table Tennis Zone (Lobby Area)  Table Tennis  1U(28)   2U(22)   3U(57)   4U(41)   5U(31)   6U(55)   7U(50)   8U(52)